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Starting Price, Fixed Odds and Tote Betting

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2016 05:34PM CET
RaceBets offers fixed odds on all UK, Irish, French and South African markets and on various tracks around the world when there are important meetings taking place. Our fixed odds are very competitive and are compiled by our team of experienced traders.

When you choose to bet at fixed odds then you are guaranteed to receive any winnings in accordance with those odds regardless if the odds of the horse changes before the race takes place (Rule 4 can affect fixed odds payouts)

In contrast, if you choose to bet using the Starting Price (SP) then you are taking more of a gamble on your possible winnings. The reason for this is because SP is the price (odds) assigned to a horse as the race starts therefore 
you are betting blind to a degree because you won't know what the starting price is until the time of the race. SP can work in your favour if punters desert the horse that you bet on as this would make the SP go up therefore giving you a bigger return for your stake. However, this can also work in the reverse.

Another form of betting is Tote, which we offer on various markets including USA and Australia. The term Tote is short for Totalisator. Tote betting is similar to a Lottery in that stakes are pooled. The pool operator's profits come from a fixed deduction taken from the pool. The winning bets are determined by the outcome of the race(s) that relate to the pool. The pool less the deduction is divided by the number of winning units to give a dividend.

Tote customers are betting into a common pool. Participants in the pool are betting against one another, whereas when placing a bet with a traditional bookmaker they are betting against the bookmaker. Tote odds may fluctuate according to the pattern of betting and the amount of money staked on each selection. Like the Lottery, Tote customers are hoping for a large pool and few winners to share the pool with.

Tote pools can relate to a single race (single leg pools) or multiple races (multi-leg pools). Betting ceases at the "off" of each race in a single race pool, or the "off" of the first race in a multi-leg pool.


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